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Once upon a time,
Once upon a time,

It was a long time ago, almost 45 years, when an ambitious entrepreneur changed forever the story of SOMATRA.
Thanks to his great commitment, Hans-Rudolph led the company to a real success, and SOMATRA became the number one reference in the transportation industry.
Ten years later, Eveline joined the team.
Planes, trucks and boats had no more secrets for them.
By adding up their years of experience, 44+36, 80 years of professional and successful steering.
80, like the cruising speed. 80, like the number of smiles on the road map to thank all customers.
Those customers, those friends who have shared and will share the infinite race towards successes, records, pick-ups and deliveries.

Thanks 80 times to all our friends,

Eveline & Hans-Rudolph.
They are stunning Nuria and Philippe.
They are stunning Nuria and Philippe.

For most of us, 65 years old means retirement.
But for Somatra, this number is a symbol of fidelity.

Philippe, 40 years of experience at the airport.
Nuria, 25 years of expertise in transport management.

Both of them combine 65 years of loyalty.
And don’t ever talk to them about retirement!

Thank you Nuria, Thank you Philippe.

Omastar and his team.
Johana, the horse and Somatra.
Johana, the horse and Somatra.
As a great trainee, Johana goes over
any obstacles or fences.

When she rides horses, she follows the same mindset
and is an excellent rider.

With her degree in the pocket, she is ready
to continue the adventure with SOMATRA.

Congratulation, Johana, we all are very proud of you.

The Beaver Team
The « Mundial » is our customer.
The « Mundial » is our customer.
A team that scores a goal is amazing.
A team that plays is wonderful.
A team that plays and scores a goal is amazingly wonderful.

Our beaver team is on the same page.
We transport soccer balls and make sure they get to the right destination.
Team spirit makes us go far away faster.
When all our talents gather together, experience makes the difference and scores a goal.

And the client is always the big winner.

Our “Mundial” is you!

The beaver team will make you win every day!

Positive mind.
Positive mind.

What is a positive mind? Positive-minded people always look at elements in their personal and close environment from a positive perspective.

Brain is continuously in a learning process in which it learns or memorizes new information, voluntarily or not.

Failures, mistakes, incidents or issues might lead to mental discouragement. But they can also generate a strong desire to fight back, improve and take advantage of opportunities that are offered.

Where a negative mind will stop and say: “I lost”, a positive mind will keep trying and say: “I am on the right way, I study, I think, I go forward and I will win”.
A negative mind is always a loser. A positive mind is always a winner.

Omastar, the positive one.
Our virtuosity is in the egg.
Our virtuosity is in the egg.

Walking on eggshells,
Put all your eggs in the same basket.

The egg makes us attentive to the fragility of things in life. It also tells us that everything has a start, that success has an origin, and inside the shell grows the bird man of Leonardo da Vinci.

Offering a chocolate egg for Easter is a gesture full of meaning. It means that we have project to share. A new adventure to develop. That our friendly professional or commercial partnership, is not an empty shell.

There is virtuosity in the egg and it’s up to us to reveal it. And, finally, to take all of our challenges awaked, we need to inspire ourselves form the Columbus egg.

It’s the beaver’s opinion.
Happy Easter to all of you.

The beaver, one zeal you can trust.
The beaver, one zeal you can trust.

Imagine the impossible mission, the zealous beaver will make it succeed.
By listen, understanding, and without burning stages recommending the roadmap.
Picking up, packing, shipping and delivering, at the right place, at the right time.
Talents, operators, experience, expertise, one beaver, one team.
Planes and pilots, captains and ships, drivers and trucks, on fire for you.
Call, explain, order, require excellence.
Your beaver, your movers, your team, they have the sacred fire.
Trust them all on new feats.

Something to deliver? Call the beaver!

Somatra force one.
Human warmth
Human warmth

New York shivers under ten feet of snow.
The South Pole touches the North Pole.
The temperature is minus thirty degrees.
The courageous trucks defy a blizzard from hell.
The airplanes remain in frozen airports.
The boats were captured by the ice.
The cold freezes all transportation.

And the beaver reminds us during this winter weather,
How much the human warmth is vital and necessary.

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