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The natural and necessary listening
The natural and necessary listening

In business, listening is natural and necessary.
Knowing in detail the expectations of your partner.
Repeat each point and enrich it with additional information.

Write everything, make sure you do not forget anything.
Confirm together every step of the calendar.
Offer you the luxury of three security questions.

I listened, I noticed, I recorded everything.
No gray area, no gaps, no danger.
Natural expectations, necessary details, essential evidence.

One more thing : what I have heard and noted, did I really do it the right way?

When Andrea Del Verrocchio taught the art and science to Leonardo Da Vinci, he imposed to his student to do three things in this order :

Discover, compare and transform, by principle.

Discover stimulates the curiosity.

Compare develops analysis.

Transform excites creativity.

Everyone in his job can apply this recipe.

And so from known elements, create new.

Never at rest, the beaver’s team.
Never at rest, the beaver’s team.

This is holidays, the body commands to distress.
However, the brain never stops thinking.
Work, clients, suppliers.

That’s the professional awareness, which makes its job.
At the beach or at the mountains, the thinking continues.
A responsibility that we have taken, this is a must have.

The strength of a cohesive and experienced team, here is true.
A colleague goes on holiday, those remaining provide continuity.

Disconnect with confidence, the beaver’s team never stops.

OMASTAR, your dear beaver.
Soleil, sourire, service.
Œil, observer, organiser.
Mouvement, maîtrise, marchandise.
Action, accélération, arrivée.
Technique, temps, terminer.
Réfléchir, recommander, réussir.
Anticiper, assumer, assurer.

Des mots et des verbes pour dire notre métier.
Mériter votre constance, votre fidélité et votre confiance.
Parce que notre client, c’est un univers qui tous les jours devient plus grand.
Allô, S.O.M.A.T.R.A, bonjour !

L’équipe du castor.
Doing your job
Doing your job

Doing your job means, first of all,
Learn how to do it,
And practice it day after day,
With pleasure and steadfastness.

Doing your job means never be satisfied,
Thinking you can do better.
It also means listening to the client, his expectations, his ideas,
Advance with him in the right direction,
Leading to success and performance.

Doing your job means sharing
Results and successes,
And above all, a mutual pride
For a work duly accomplished.

The Beaver Team
Careful, fragile !
Careful, fragile !

People constantly remind us:
- Be careful, it's fragile !
Whether when loading, driving or delivering,
The beaver always pays attention.

The beaver is a true professional.
He doesn't specialize in breaking eggs.
Before any mission,
He carefully studies the contents of his freight.

And to make sure he delivers undamaged parcels,
Or for each delicate loading,
Using Traduit pargenius and creativity,
The beaver will know how to impress you.

L’équipe du Castor
Our state of mind
Our state of mind

We have the know-how.
We are up to all the tricks of the trade.
We have our astuteness.
We can hear and listen.
We know how to make the right offer.
We carry out our obligations.

What do we fear?
Nothing! Present panic speeches
make little impression on our minds,
just like water on a beaver skin.

Trust and performance.
Always positive, the mind of the beaver
grabs firmly all challenges.

L’équipe du Castor
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