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Invention and Innovation
Invention and Innovation

Invention and innovation will be the key words in the year 2013, in the daily work, as well as during careful thought.
When the order is being registered, at the very moment when the offer starts.
From the loading of the truck until delivery.

We constantly listen to you, share informations, and take the best decisions together.
Whether it be to choose a new itinerary or combine differently our various means of transportation. Choose the simplest solution when everything is complicated.
Approve an up to date solution for customs procedures, and keep an ecological attention on the logistic chain.
Consider every possibility with humility and experience, one step at a time, with method, quality and security.

At Somatra's, we are already in this state of mind.
Together with our precious clients, and with the boldness fitted to carriers, we are simply going to innovate without conceit. And in order to remain stable in this moving world, naturally and unpretentiously, we are going to reinvent everything.

Your Somatra team.
Boldness, courage and venture mind.
Boldness, courage and venture mind.

Today a venture must be creative.
It must introduce changes, i.e. develop daringly.
It's the necessary action to guarantee success.

It's this success which maintains good relations
Between you and us, between services and client.
Each of us enjoying the winning challenge.

Each operation represents a challenge, with risks and uncertainty.
SOMATRA will always express imagination for his clients.
SOMATRA will master the risks and carry out its missions.

It's up to us to build our future.
Events are our source of motivation.

Team Somatra.
Breaking records
Breaking records

Now summer break ending, we are back to achievement and stimulation of our minds, the necessary conquest of all business concerns.

Relaxed, full of energy, a new period begins. We enjoyed the sunshine, and grass turned green again.

The beaver aims to know all about himself, in order to understand himself better and be able to communicate even better. The beaver will look after his appearance, and his smile on internet. The whole office will be on, like on TV.

With surprises at the end of the year, and record to beat.

We'll work even harder together and succeed together today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.

The beaver team
The beaver at rest.
The beaver at rest.

Early in the year 2012, lots of challenges faced the beaver
Who restlessly in his work showed he was clever.
He found solutions for all roads and countries
And overcame the elements to discover suitable strategies.

All parcels, from the smallest to the most elaborate,
Arrived safely, on time, in spite of obstacles and bureaucrats.
Summer sunshine reminds us we deserve some rest
to breathe, dream, regain strength and make a good start
when work resumes.
The entrepreneurial spirit
The entrepreneurial spirit

Take the bull by the horns.
Take time to think it over.
Take the right decision.

Each new mission
Requires a new research,
A new vision.

Don't become slave to routine.
Each task is different,
Each duty is specific.

To reach success,
Get involved, think, decide, work,
You must act if you want to get on with life.

The SOMATRA team brings success to your initiatives
Carrying and Beaver
Carrying and Beaver
For practical reasons,
The world of logistics
Requires rigour and results,
Swiftness and assurance.

The hare provides speed,
The tortoise makes sure to reach all destinations.
Yet, even eager to competitiveness
These noble and rare qualities
Are not equal to the market.

The beaver is a good fellow,
Sensible, on the watch,
Making marvels on each new mission.

And to always deliver on time,
He adds to his resources
Airplanes like eagles, ships like dolphins,
And trucks like elephants.

The beaver knows what he is doing
And combines all talents of his team,
So that, on the finish line,
Transportation and clients are always winning.

The moral of this sorry:
If alone, the best qualities on the market
Are worth nothing.
The beaver, well aware of this,
Makes sure the client will constantly be well served.

SOMATRA team, based on Jean de La Fontaine.

The word 'ethics' is used in all speeches, all circumstances, without rhyme or reason.
At SOMATRA, we wondered what was meant with this fashionable word. It's a complicated word to say 'moral'
- Yes, then, why don't we simply say 'moral'?
- Not enough fancy? Not enough intellectual?
And yet, in our daily work, we are honest to our clients. We respect people and environment.
We cling tightly to our commercial rules.
- We understand each other, we already apply ethic rules.
- Why discuss the matter if, needless to say, we follow ethic rules.

Dear partners, thank you for remaining loyal to our team.
Our services are not only dynamic, but quite obviously ethic. It's normal for us, so why discuss it further.
Then, when do we sign another contract?
We are waiting for your next call.

Naturally ethic
If  you are early,  you’ll  be the winner.
If you are early, you’ll be the winner.

Today, savings matter, so costs must be kept under strict supervision.
Each cent must be spent sparingly and cleverly. . It’s a good decision, it stimulates
creativity and pushes to deeper thinking. We musn’t stop at the first solution coming to mind, we must see whether we have a better alternative.
Like the hare and the tortoise in the fable, we must know the distance and capacities
and, without fail, allow the necessary resources to each opération.

To each assignment with SOMATRA team, allow the best consideration, the proper
means of transportation, the ideal route and provide against emergencies.
Deliver on time, even early if possible.
A client, out of stock, should be able to count on our diligence. His success depends on
our professional expertise. Our system must work with fluidity, without stopping, without frictions.

This is our motivations at SOMATRA’s to remain able to anticipate.
Together with you, we make plans, we wait and see and are proactive.
To be on time is good, but being on time means being already a few minutes late.
Always keep in touch, warn before saying you’ll say it, this allows to start straight away
when the race is launched.

Neither hare nor tortoise, at SOMATRA’s we are beavers.
The beaver is hard working, creative and enterprising.
Always at your disposal, ready to undertake with you our next assignment.

See you soon, dear partners. It’s time to be early.

Here we are
Here we are

We have stepped forward into 2012, the year of every opportunity.

The pessimists have it all wrong, it's the optimists who will win.
Work will blossom and reach again its true values.
The builders will collapse under requests and projects.
The creators will be heard. The dreamers will see their visions come true.
The world will have decided to become better, with means to improve
and sufficient time for thinking.

We have made steps forward together as leaders, contractors, creators, winners.
Our pallet of services is your pallet of artist.
It's up to you to create your new masterpieces, full of spirit and talent.

SOMATRA is expecting your calls, e-mails or requests for appointments.

Ready to serve you in 2012, our whole team is already standing at attention.

See you soon,

The Somatra team
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